RENDERINGS:  Exterior elements of the house.
RENDERINGS:  Exterior elements of the house—the pool and deck area.
RENDERINGS:  Interior/ Family room—With a specialized custom-made TV unit that is raised form the floor to allow a view of the swimming pool.  
RENDERINGS:  Interior/ Dining room—Minimal with custom-made framed mirrors.
RENDERINGS:  Interior/ Foyer—The ceiling delusively exposes the beams that are supposed to hold the house up—but the arrangement that adds drama—or playfulness.
RENDERINGS:  Interior/ Living room—
RENDERINGS:  Interior/ Living room—Fireplace and custom-made TV unit that hides all the audio/visual equipment.
RENDERINGS:  Interior/ Shower room—
RENDERINGS:  Interior/ Attic—Utilized the entire attic as a recreational area with multiple zones for different activities.
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